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6805 Southpoint Parkway

6805 Southpoint Parkway


This  exterior  renovation  converted  an  industrial  precast 

building  to  a  single  story,  110,000  sf  commercial  office 

space.  The  scope  of  work  included  demolition  of  exterior precast panels and installation of new storefront glazing,handicap accessible ramp, and new feature walls. A design-build steel support system was incorporated to support the opening  in  the  exterior  wall  and  support  the  existing  roof structure.  The  corner  of  the  building  was  enhanced  with an  engineered  feature  wall  comprised  of  stucco  and  fiber-cement  siding.  This  $600,000  cost-plus  project  returned over $30,000 in project savings to the investor group.

Kent Walling

Cushman & Wakefield

4010 Boy Scout Blvd Suite 160

Tampa, FL 33611

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